Project Description

The Life programme is a financial instrument supporting environmental projects and natural conservation in European countries and some times in their neighbourhood for the implementation of the Habitats and Bird Directives (Directives 92/43/EC and 2009/147/EC of European Parliament and Council). Life+ Nature and Biodiversity support  projects and co-finance actions aiming at:

  1. Best Practices and/or demonstrative projects contributing to implementation of objectives regarding Habitats and Birds Directives;
  2. Demonstrative/innovative Projects of EU Strategy 2020 implementation about biodiversity;

LIFE Project MED-WOLF-   Best practice actions for wolf conservation in  Mediterranean-type areas (LIFE11 NAT/IT/069) – takes place in Italy, in the territory of Grosseto province and in Portugal, in the Guarda and Castelo Branco districts. The project’s goal is to decrease the conflict between the wolf’s presence and human activities in rural areas where cultural tradition of coexistence with predators is lost.  MED-Wolf joins Italian and Portuguese agricultural and environmental associations, state institutions and research centres, in a unique collaboration.


Farmers from Casentino visit Medwolf farms

A few farmers from Casentino and a technical delegation from Parco nazionale Foreste casentinesi visited three Medwolf project farms.


Farm meeting about guard dog

On Monday October 3, 2016 a meeting and an exchange of experience about the use of guard dogs in ovine and bovine livestocks took place.


How to produce anti-predator systems

Tuscan farms may produce anti-predator systems (for example, nocturnal containment fences) or attain dissuasive tools. Learn how to do it.


Research about guard dogs efficacy takes off

In July a research about guard dogs efficacy and efficiency took off thanks to Life Medwolf project. Whoever owns guard dogs and would like to take part in the research may contact the project.


Wolf specialist ranking

Ranking of specialists accounting the presence of wolves in the territory of the Grosseto province.