International Symposium on the prevention of wildlife’s caused damages

Grosseto, 8 - 9 November 2017

An event organized by Province of Grosseto in collaboration with Institute of Applied Ecology (Roma) within the project Life+ Medwolf.

Two days for discussing on prevention and possible solutions to facilitate the coexistence of human activities and biodiversity, focusing in particular on the big carnivores.

Two days to talk about compensation policies and assessment of their effectiveness, prevention tools, stakeholder engagement and the goals to mitigate the conflict. Managers and technicians from different parts of Italy and Europe will be invited to share their experiences in order to maximize knowledge in terms of prevention, management and reduction of damage caused by wildlife.


During the event, the main achievements of the Life+ Medwolf project will be presented. In a spirit of collaboration between the various bodies involved in the project, in the last 5 years, various prevention, care and sharing measures have been implemented to highlight the weaknesses that must be addressed in the management of wild fauna.

The first day of the symposium will be dedicated to technicians and experts with thematic sessions and focusing workshop.

The second day will be open to the public, involving both national and international experts who will illustrate local and foreign situation highlighting the main and peculiar problems related to interaction with wildlife, comparing the different solutions and management approaches adopted.  

SUBSCRIPTION: the registration to symposium is free. For participation you must complete the form available HERE and sent it, by October 31st, 2017, to