Training action for the detection of poaching and illegal poisoning

The training was given by several guest speakers, including Jesus Valladolid ("Perros contra el veneno") who presented the use of poison detection dogs. At the end of the session a demonstration of the use of these dogs was done. During one week, from 28th of April to 2th of May, several actions to control the use of poison and poaching in the MedWolf project area, were implemented by Jesus Valladolid, with the collaboration of wardens of local Natural Protected Areas and agents from SEPNA-GNR.

It was attended by 33 participants: 22 agents and officers from SEPNA-GNR and GIC-GNR, and 11 wardens and technicians of ICNF from the three Natural Parks and Reserves included in the Project area: International Douro Natural Park, Estrela Mountain Natural Park and Malcata Mountain Natural Reserve.


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